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Training and Consulting


Whether you are a hobbiest or a corporate entity looking to start a robust drone program within your company, we have the background and expertise to make it happen! Join us for a tailored training experience that will provide you with the most direct and thorough route to becoming a full fledged UAV operator! Our classes are highly technical with PLENTY of hands-on focus. We guarantee that by the end of our training, you will be confident and qualified to utilize your small unmanned aircraft system either commercially or recreationally. Don't waste countless hours scouring the internet for hidden gems of knowledge. Let us streamline the process into a succinct and tested format so that there will be no room for you to doubt whether or not you are doing it the right way!



*Already experienced, but want to improve your capabilities? Ask about our advanced training programs such as autonomous flight operations or tower inspections training. 

Contact us to book now....Imagine the possibilities!

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